Brain food for strong nerve cells

The magic pill to increase memory or intelligence has not yet been invented, although the pharmaceutical-chemical industry has the first "memory pills" in clinical trials. The food we eat every day influences our mood, our activity and, of course, to a very special degree, our mental performance. Much current research confirms this.

While the nineties were proclaimed as the decade of the brain, the new megatrend “brain food” spilled over from the USA to Europe in recent years. But is it really true, can you eat "smartly" through certain foods or drugs?

Of course, it's not that simple. It has long been known that poor nutrition or even malnutrition affects the brain first. Our brain wants to be fed properly; Because only through appropriate nerve nutrition do we supply the brain with the lubricants it needs to run properly.

Natural neuroenhancers

Coffee was yesterday and green tea is not for everyone either. There are a number of natural substances that optimize memory and concentration. And usually with the correct dosage without any side effects.

With daily oral supplementation, tyrosine is said to improve concentration, attention and memory performance, according to various studies. In addition, tyrosine helps with stress and generally increases physical and mental vitality. When it comes to diets, tyrosine is traded as an insider tip: it is supposed to reduce the feeling of hunger.

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Rhodiola rosea improves the ability to adapt and resist mental stress. In addition, it is said to help with fatigue and general listlessness. [1]

Sources: [1] Rhodiola rosea for physical and mental fatigue: a systematic review BMC Complementary and Alternative MedicineThe official journal of the International Society for Complementary Medicine Research (ISCMR)201212:70

Alpha lipoic acid is one of the most powerful antioxidants. In contrast to other antioxidants, lipoic acid is both fat and water soluble. Lipoic acid is also one of the few antioxidants that cross the blood-brain barrier and can be quickly absorbed by brain tissue. In the brain, lipoic acid is responsible for rendering the nitrogen radicals and nitrogen oxides, which are dangerous for the brain cells, harmless.

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GABA stands for gamma-amino-butyric acid and is a non-essential amino acid. GABA is an important inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. GABA inhibits the transmission of signals in the nerve endings and thus has an important guardian function. For this reason, GABA is known as the brain's natural sedative. GABA is used for anxiety, inner restlessness and depressive moods

Acetyl-L-carnitine is the ester of the amino acid L-carnitine and can be produced by the body itself. ACL increases the concentration of the messenger substance acetylcholine in the brain. Because of its chemical similarity to acetylcholine, ALC acts on the parasympathetic nervous system, which prepares the metabolism for relaxation, regeneration and building up the body's own reserves. Medical studies have shown that ALC has a positive effect on long-term memory in Alzheimer's disease.


Molecular structure of L-theanine

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