Breathing exercises

How breathing exercises increase your well-being

Fernando Pessoa

"We sleep, and this life is a dream, not in the metaphorical or poetic, but in the real sense."

The power of thought is stronger than you think. With the help of mental techniques you can succeed in reaching the state of full alertness that you need to achieve the greatest possible success with mental exertion. Simple mental exercises will help you influence your mood, your circulation, and even your immune system.

# 1 breathing exercise

The modern, industrialized person is angry. Not angry in the sense that he is in a negative emotional state, no, his body is acidic. The main reason for this is poor nutrition and it is mainly sweets that lead to increased acid formation. Over-acidification of the body often manifests itself in symptoms such as persistent fatigue and a lack of concentration. You see, your brain is also affected. Another cause of acidification in the body can be incorrect breathing technique. Many people are chronically tense and therefore breathe in more oxygen than they remove when they breathe out. The following exercise shows you how to learn again to consciously exhale more.

Do the following exercise!

Learn to breathe consciously! Find a quiet place where you can do the exercise undisturbed. You can sit or lie down. Now breathe in deeply and slowly and slowly out again. Exhaling should take about twice as long as inhaling, in total you should inhale and exhale between 4 and 6 times per minute. You do this exercise for at least 5 minutes. When you feel like you are relaxed, you can stop.

You can always do this exercise before you start studying or when you are stressed.

# 2 breathing exercise

You've had stress all day. The following exercise will help you forget everyday life and let yourself go. you need to have time for this exercise. Make no mistake about it and try to do the exercise regularly and integrate it into your daily routine. The exercise is also particularly suitable when going to bed, as you will gently slide into sleep.

Do the following exercise!

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Now try to focus your full attention on your breath. Take whar as you breathe in and out without deliberately interfering with the rhythm of the breath. Imagine yourself becoming calmer and more relaxed with every breath you take. Repeat the words with each breath: I am calm and relaxed. Connect the words with a pleasant visual image and feel how you relax more and more.

# 3 breathing exercise

Do the following exercise!

Make sure that nobody is bothering you. The time for this meditation practice is all yours. Get into a comfortable sitting position. Take a few deep breaths in and out without influencing or controlling your breath. Breathe through your nose only. Focus entirely on your breath, letting it come and go. Now feel how the air flows into your nose and how your abdominal wall rises and falls evenly.

Give your full attention to the coming and going of your breath. Try to describe your breath. Is it gentle and tender, flowing or thrusting, feel a resistance when breathing in or out, feeling a pleasant, an uncomfortable or no feeling at all.

Because most people find it difficult to concentrate fully on their breath at the beginning. If your mind wanders, don't blame yourself, just get back to your breath.

Do the exercise until you feel relaxed. With one it is faster, with the other it takes longer. If you feel that the exercise is not doing you any good, don't give up, but practice it three to four times a week. 10 to 15 minutes a day are sufficient.

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