Brain training for mental fitness

Learn new things for a lifetime with simple exercises

Each of us is getting a little older every day. We would all like it best if we had the same physical and mental abilities and capacities as we did when we were 30 years old. People born today have a life expectancy of approximately 100 years. Everyone wants to get old, but nobody wants to be old.

In more mature years, many are confronted with the feeling that they can no longer keep up with the fast-moving times. The hectic pace of the time leads to a feeling of being overwhelmed, which often ends in resignation and withdrawal. If you also want to stay mentally fit in old age, you should not leave anything to chance. You can do something about it, provided the body and mind are not weakened by serious illness.

Learn new things for a lifetime

The physical changes cannot be reversed and we should embrace the process of aging as natural and accept ourselves for who we are. But one thing is not necessarily connected with the more mature years: the mental decline. Numerous scientific studies indicate that aging people are also quite capable of learning new things and facing new challenges. Brain researchers have only recently shown that brain cells are activated at any age and can form numerous new connections with other brain cells.

Requirements for mental performance

The loss of mental performance can only be avoided if the body and mind are healthy and there is an affirmative and active attitude towards life. You can keep your body healthy by following a moderate lifestyle. This means a balanced diet, adequate fluid intake and, of course, plenty of exercise, whereby regular morning exercises and an occasional walk are sufficient to keep the body going. In addition to physical well-being, the social aspect makes a decisive contribution to maintaining mental fitness. A pronounced social life and a few very good friends contribute significantly to life satisfaction.

Proper nutrition, exercise and social contacts are not enough if you want to maintain your full mental capabilities into old age. With targeted brain performance training, you can keep your mind awake so that you can cope with everyday life yourself into old age without any problems and keep up with social changes (e.g. Internet).

Youth is not a stage in life, it is a state of mind.
It is the swing of will, agility and imagination, strength of feelings,
victory of courage over cowardice, triumph of the thirst for adventure over indolence.

Albert Schweitzer

Mental activation training

Are Certain Types of "Brain Training" More Effective Than Others? Any kind of brain exercise is better than being a couch potato at home. But you will get the greatest impact with exercises that go beyond what is simple, convenient, and known. Neither memory nor intellect are required if you always play the same games, passively let yourself be showered in front of the television or computer screen by some series or YouTube videos or always pursue the same leisure activities. When it comes to brain training, it all comes down to the right level. Tasks that do not challenge you, but also tasks that overwhelm you, quickly become boring and have no performance-enhancing effect.

A simple yet very effective method for maintaining mental performance is so-called mental activation training . Mental activation training consists of simple, scientifically based exercises that specifically train the basic parameters of mental performance. When used consistently, the mental activation training shows an impressive effect. And it's fun too. 5 to 10 minutes a day is enough to get the gray cells going. In many practical tasks you will be confronted with new perspectives and approaches that will help you leave the beaten track and discover new things.


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