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Learn to learn

What do you think of when you hear the word "learning"? I'm sure you're like most others. "Learning" is equated with school and the associated (guilt) feelings. You associate "learning" with stress, frustration, fear of failure, pressure to do well, and competitiveness. It doesn't have to be that way. Start to change your attitude towards learning. If you have succeeded in doing this, you have already taken the first decisive step towards a new, anxiety-free and successful learning management.

No school subject "learning

Most of us never learned it properly: to learn how to learn. In school many important subjects are taught, mathematics, German and English, but the subject "learning" was not there. Over the entire school career you probably never got it, the "instruction manual" for proper and above all effective learning.

What awaits you

On these pages you will learn about a method, Mental Activation Training (MAT), that will help you get into the optimal "learning state". You will get a short introduction to the basics of brain and memory and learn which five learning factors are essential for efficient learning.

If you have enough motivation and perseverance, you will learn how to effortlessly memorize 12 and more things, and even in the right order, how to remember names and phone numbers, and how to better manage everyday life, school or work with appropriate learning techniques.

Definition learning

What actually is learning? Learning is the process of taking in, storing and processing individually acquired information, which enables an adaptation or change of behavior. The acquired information can be retrieved from memory. A number of important factors are prerequisites for sustainable and efficient learning. In a few words: learning is nothing more than taking in, processing and storing information.

Mental activation training

You can steer your learning success in a positive direction if you bring your brain to operating temperature before learning. You can do this with the help of mental activation training. The training puts you in an optimal activation state, in which it is much easier for you to concentrate and attentively deal with the learning material.


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