Brain training made easy

Better Memory, More Focus, Less Stress

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Top 3 categories

Learn learn

The problems with learning. Why everyone can learn to learn.

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Learning tips

Learning tips from A to Z. Easy to use and suitable as an instant aid.

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Brain nutrition for strong nerve cells. Increase your well-being through brain-friendly nutrition.

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Top Brain-Games

Stone on Stone


Mice loves Cheese

Basic Training

Memorize facts


Look closely


Calculate quickly

Basic training

Magic Numbers

Basic training

All nine


Count fast


Blurred objects

Picture puzzle

Reaction test

Test your reaction speed

Compare yourself with others.

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Man has not only one memory, no, actually there are three.


"Healthy" bacteria that are important for gut health.

Mental activation training

MAT brain jogging is brain performance training and aims to maintain or improve mental performance..

Learning techniques that everyone should know

Useful learning techniques that can help you in any case

Remember names better

When we meet people, all our attention goes to the face. When we meet the person again later, we usually recognize the face, but the name has completely slipped our mind. You probably have a similar experience. Learn more

Even more stuff

Breathing exercises

How breathing exercises increase your well-being

Study and sleep

Deep sleep promotes memory formation.

Tongue twisters

Lots of fun and tongue-twisting tongue twisters.


... a short minute sleep, a booster for more well-being and performance.

Learn with gestures

Learn vocabulary better with gesture support.

Learning stories

Share your personal "learning story" with others.